Oil & Gas 

Our range of products includes drill bits, PDC hole opener, subs, centralisers, stabilisers. All Rockpecker products are designed and manufactured in-house, this allows us to respond to unique client requirements and modifications in short lead times.

PDC Drill Bits

Rockpecker drill bits are made for drilling under the toughest conditions. Made in the UK, and supported by international service centres, the use of high-grade materials, precision engineering and continuous product development methods ensure Rockpecker drill bits are designed with customer drilling objectives of reliable performance, repeatable quality and low cost per foot in mind.

We design and manufacture steel and matrix body drill bits for use in vertical and directional applications within an ISO9001:2015 quality system. Our bits are equipped with high-quality PDC cutters, and all materials and processes used in the manufacture of the drill bits are rigorously monitored to ensure the drill bit performs as expected. Our standard product range can be tailored for customer applications on request: gauge lengths, impact protection inserts, second-row cutters, back-reaming cutters and nozzle types can be varied to maximise drilling rate for different rock strengths.

Hole Openers

This is our most versatile product in hole openers. It's design parameters can be varied to suit a large range of formations. Design options include helical blades, centralisation, guage protection(PCD/TCI), back-reaming protection etc.



Versitile hole opener with centralisation: This roller-cone embedded hole opener is intended for soft to very hard formations where 'crushing' the rock is superior to shearing. Our hole opener is equipped with one of its kind unibody spiral centralisation, which enables smoother drilling.



Rockpecker offers rotary subs made from high quality 4140/4145 grade steel in all three combinations i.e. pin & pin, box & pin and box & box. threads are machined with high precision achieving exceptional surface finishes. Threads available include certified API & VAM threads. We stock all fast moving configurations in our stock centres around the world. For custom configurations, we are able to provide industry-leading delivery times due to our strategic stock of semi-finished bodies.