Energy Exploration client utilized Rockpecker 11″ (279mm) 6 blade 16mm (616 IADC) Vertical application fixed cutter PDC bit for the purpose of drilling the upper borehole well section East of Edson, Alberta, Canada in the Rosevear Field. Total meters drilled were 385 at a ROP of 26.6 hours, for a total drilling duration of 14.5 hours. No deviation occurred within the borehole and it was reported that the PDC was very Top Drive friendly, due to the low vibration feedback via the drill pipe and overall smooth drilling. The PDC completed the full borehole section that it was applied for and no damage was sited upon retrieval of PDC bit. Client was satisfied overall with the performance and durability of the PDC.


A quantity of 2 steel body 2.25” (57mm) work over PDC bits manufactured by ROCKPECKER were provided for testing to a Canadian Oil sands Energy Company for the purpose of drilling out pure cement plugs in steel tubing / casing in existing oil & gas wells with their production field. It was decided by client to test the PDC bit on 1/3 of the project while drilling out the remaining wells conventionally with Bi-tone steel tooth bits.The first and only PDC bit utilized, averaged 84 meters per hour with a total of 1630 meters of pure cement plugs drilled from 7 well bores. After the test was completed a visual inspection of the PDC bit indicated that the PDC still looked new with no noticeable wear on the bit. The client also stated that in comparison with the standard BiCone bits that they use in this size, the ROCKPECKER PDC seemed to drill more consistent in R.O.P. and torque and that they were very pleased with the PDC work over bits overall performance.