Customized sizes available

  • Centralisers



  • Body Diameter Available 5"-60"
  • Finish Weight (kgs) 20 to 1000
  • Body Material Steel
  • Blade Quantity (ins) 5,6,7,8,9
  • Thread Connection Std. API Reg, IF, FH
  • Thread Connection Type B-B, P-B, P-P
  • Thread Connection Sizes (ins) 2.375, 2.875, 3.5, 4.5, 6.625
  • Dome Cutter available for 10" to 36"
  • Dome Cutter Size 1210
  • Dome Cutter Quantity 14,19,24,25,30,35,48
  • Nozzle Quantity 10,11,16,25 No.
  • Nozzle Size 3/4"x12UNF, 1"x12UNF
  • Gauge Cutter Quantity 25,40,55,126
  • Gauge Protection PDC/ Carbide

Steel Body

Steel body PDC bits are milled from steel stock and are structurally stronger and tougher. Rockpecker, as one of the most trusted steel body PDC drill bits manufacturers in the UK, protects the exposed parts of the drill bit from abrasion and erosion through hard-facing and coating.



The centralizer keeps the downhole cutting tool from wobbling or bouncing around the hole. Hence, reduces the chance of tool damage in such conditions and keeps cones and cutters constantly cutting to create a circle-shaped hole, not one that is egg-shaped because the tool moves around.


Centralizer Design

One very important aspect of designing a centralizer is getting the correct diameter of the centralizer downhole. If it is not the right size for the material being cut it can act as a wedge and build up material in front of it. Tool design will help eliminate such buildup issues. Centralization in front of the hole opening assembly symmetrically aligns cutters in the centre of the pilot hole against the rock face, ensuring the cutters evenly engage the pilot bore as drilling progresses, providing a smooth round borehole.


Gauge Design

The Centralizer comprises a blade having a gauge cutter operable to cut an earth formation at the gauge diameter; and a protective insert coupled with the drill bit such that a portion of the protective insert extends beyond the gauge diameter by a selected over-gauge distance, wherein the protective insert is operable to engage the casing inner wall to substantially prevent the gauge cutter from engaging the casing inner wall as the drill bit is positioned through a selected length of the casing.

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