Mini PDC Bit

  • Mini PDC bit


  • Body Diameter 1-1/4" to 3"
  • Finish Weight (kgs)  1.4 to 2
  • Body Material Steel
  • Blade Quantity 4No.
  • Thread Connection Type API Reg, IF
  • Thread Connection Sizes (ins) 1-1/2”AMMT,2.375,AW-Rod,BWJ-Rod,NW-Rod
  • Cutter Quantity 9,15No.
  • Cutter Size 0808,1308
  • IADC S408
  • Nozzle Quantity 3,4,6,9 No.
  • Nozzle Size 3/4"x12UNF, 1"x12UNF
  • Gauge Protection Carbide

Steel Body

Steel body PDC bits are milled from steel stock and are structurally stronger and tougher. Rockpecker, as one of the most trusted steel body PDC drill bits manufacturers in the UK, protects the exposed parts of the drill bit from abrasion and erosion through hard-facing and coating.


Thermostable PDC Cutters

Composed of some artificial diamond, TSP drilling bits are not very preferred as the bonding material used in these bits loses its stamina under high temperatures.


Bit Design

The polycrystalline composition was developed to minimize cutter edge deterioration in high temperature and impact environments. PDC has a polycrystalline synthetic diamond which makes drilling efficient. These bits drill by shearing and are considered to be better than the Tricone bits. The high-performance PDC bit designs help the bottom to hole better.


Gauge Design

The drill bit design includes an engineered gauge pad with a stripe that manages side cutting response using lateral depth-of-cut (DOC) control. This improves tracking to hold azimuth and inclination, which increases the rate of penetration (ROP) and reduces dogleg severity for improved wellbore quality and a more efficient completion design.

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Design & Build Your Own PDC Drill Bit

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