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Whether you are looking for a hole opener to be used in construction & HDD or oil & gas industry, PDC hole openers are known to perform well under all kinds of conditions.

Not only do they drill faster and offer a much smoother operation than roller cone hole openers, they also have a longer service life in comparison to those. Unlike roller cone hole openers, they do not have any moving part which might break off during the reaming process which is helpful in not only keeping the maintenance costs negligible but also maintaining the flow of the process.

Not many people know that PDC hole openers eliminate vibration, and thus, protect the drill string and drill machines from any potential damage. Considering the fact that PDC hole openers can be designed to fit almost any blade, they come across as a great alternative to having individual hole openers for each size. They can ream larger holes seamlessly and thus, eliminate many intermediate size bores to save the drilling professional a lot of time, labour, and fuel costs.

Rockpecker is known for manufacturing the best HDD PDC hole openers across the UK. Other than hole openers, we manufacture and deal in high-performance PDC drill bits, TCI drag bits, and PDC hole openers, VRS Reamers as well as Spiral-Bladed Centralisers. We back our designs by various methods to simulate drilling and to make sure our bits deliver optimum performance. For more information about the products we manufacture, feel free to browse through the website or simply reach out to us. You can also contact us for custom-designed drilling equipment which can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere across the globe.

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