Things You Should Know When Buying Drill Bits for Oil and Gas Industry

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A drill bit is the most common tool used for drilling a hole in any kind of formation, be it concrete or an underground oil or gas well. As far as the size of the drill bits used for oil and gas industry is concerned, it may range between just a few inches to a few feet in diameter. Further, depending upon the properties of formation to be drilled and the well plan, the size of drill bit required to do the job is determined.

A drill bit follows a pre-planned path with the sole aim of failing the formation it is being directed towards and the task is to carry out this operation in the most safe, efficient, and cost-effective way. Talking of the structure of a drill bit, it is securely attached to a drill string using a standardized thread. Each bit has fluid passageways for facilitating its cleaning and a cutting structure. In fact, it is the cutting structure on the basis of which drill bits are classified into different categories, mainly as roller cone drill bits and fixed cutter bits – the name pretty much suggests the working of these cutting structures too.

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