Differentiating Between Matrix Body & Steel Body PDC Drill Bits

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It is now widely known as PDC drill bits are available in both matrix as well as steel bodies. Those who are new to the drilling industry may often get confused when it comes to deciding which one should be used when. Here is some information that might come in handy.

Made from tungsten carbide material, matrix body PDC drill bits are known for providing improved wear resistance and erosion. As far as the cutter count is concerned, they are usually a heavier set than their steel body counterparts. Offering longer life and multiple bit runs, matrix body drill bits are best suited for applications of high volume or high sand.

Unlike matrix body PDC drill bits, steel body ones are made from high alloy steel and are easy to repair. Depending upon the application they are being used in, steel body PDC drill bits can be quite good for multiple runs. Thanks to the fact that steel withstands high impact easily, steel body PDC bits can be designed with higher blade and stand-off cutter exposure for an increased rate of penetration (ROP).

Considering the fact that cost is a major aspect in drilling and that tungsten carbide is more expensive than high alloy steel, steel body PDC drill bits have a larger market share.

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