Change & Progress In Drilling Industry Over The Years

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We have come a long way since the time the first oil well was drilled. Engineers across the globe have been continuously working on creating new equipment and technology to make the process as efficient and affordable as possible.

The earliest drilling rigs were made of wood only because they could be built up quickly, however, they were considered to be dangerous as they could catch fire if sparked. Rotary drill bits were then developed and gained popularity as they could drill way faster and deeper than earlier cable tools.

The years between 1900-1950 saw steam-powered drilling rigs that used rotary drill bits and water-based drilling mud. As demand and production flourished, so did the innovation and the efficiency improved several folds. Over a period of the next 50 years, mechanical power was brought to drilling rigs. The technology was also able to come up with effective ways of accurately locating drill bits beneath the ground and measuring while drilling. By the 1980s, the technology had progressed enough to come up with steerable drilling systems.

Drilling technology has benefited immensely from the advancements in hardware and software. Controlling drilling has become as easy as playing a video game for the drill operators. We have come really far to witness one drilling rig being able to drill multiple wellheads and it has only been improving with each year that passes. The modern-day drilling rigs and drilling bits such as the PDC are not only more efficient but are also safer.

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