The Future of Fixed Cutter Bits in The Drill Bit Market

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The main reason why fixed cutter drill bits have been gaining so much popularity lately is the fact that they do not have any moving parts. PDC drill bits are known to dominate this particular category of drill bits, holding a huge market share than the roller cone drill bits.

Here, it must be noted that PDC drill bits have come a long way since their invention in the year 1971 in terms of the technology being used and the performance they offer. It was after their introduction to the drilling professionals at a leading tool company that the PDC cutter and bit technology gained the kind of exposure it really deserved.

PDC drill bits owe a large chunk of their success to the development of computer simulations too for it was because of their development that design improvements and a better understanding of bit behavior became possible. Thanks to these developments, the formations which had earlier been termed to be un-drillable can now be drilled quite economically and safely.

Another characteristic that gives fixed cutter bits an edge over their rolling counterparts is their ability to penetrate even the hardest of the interbedded streaks.

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