What Drillers Must Know About PDC Drill Bits?

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Even though PDC drill bits have been around for a while now, it is only recently that they are getting popular in the water well industry as well. One possible reason why they did not get the kind of attention they deserved earlier was that they were expensive. As they became affordable and the design improvements continued, they are very close to taking over the drilling industry completely.

While a tricone drill bit drills by crushing, a PDC bit drills by either scraping or gouging the formation. A lot of drilling professionals across the world prefer PDC drilling bits to other kinds because they are smooth in most formations and usually last very long, and thus, keeping the operation cost in check.

As far as drilling balling clay with a PDC bit is concerned, it can be challenging as the balling clay usually out drills the bit. This can, however, be fixed by using a combination of three things - the first one being the mud chemistry. The other two things that help are adequate circulation and pressure drop at the bit. The drilling professionals should run the pump as fast as they are comfortable with and keep good pressure on the standpipe.

Following this method, shared by the experts, is almost a sure-shot way of getting thousands of feet of hole out of a durable PDC bit. Even though their cost is slightly higher than other types of bots, their cost per foot is lucrative. The best part about a PDC bit is that it can easily be rebuilt if it undergoes some kind of damage.

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