3 Reasons Why Horizontal Directional Drilling Has Become Extremely Popular These Days

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Any drilling process that is carried out to reduce the need for surface excavation can be categorized as horizonal directional drilling (HDD) and there are several reasons why it has gained extreme popularity lately.

Let us take a look at the most significant reasons behind its popularity:

1.      Reduced Infrastructure Disruption

Horizonal directional drilling is used across many regions in the world to lay down utility pipes as it has proven to be highly convenient in densely populated areas. Directional boring also cuts down the costs when drilling under existing structures such as roads or bridges.

2.      Environmental Benefits

Over the years, horizontal directional drilling has been identified as one of the most efficient ways of installing pipelines under waterways, rivers, and wetlands, allowing contractors to keep the number of excavations to a bare minimum. Thanks to tools such as HDD drill bits and hole openers, drilling can be carried out across all kinds of terrain without posing any threat to soil, underground water, or environment.

3.      Cost-Effective

Despite the fact that horizonal directional drilling requires extra tools, it is a lot more economical than other methods of drilling especially when it comes to installing piping. The key is to identify the right tools to maximize productivity.

When working with HDD PDC bits and reamers, it is important to remember that these are fast, durable, and steer easily in correct formations. A mismatch, thus, can affect the overall performance of a bit or a reamer significantly. Depending upon the number of blades, size of the cutters, and the blade angles, the designs of PDC bits vary greatly. 

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