5 Tips for Improving Efficiency of Drilling Equipment & Accessories

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The drilling industry is evolving continuously and so are the equipment, methods, and technologies. It must be noted that proper maintenance and handling of these equipment and accessories can go a long way in terms of improving their efficiency.

Here are some tips that might come handy in improving the efficiency of these equipment and accessories:

1.      Train Drill Operators Thoroughly

Make sure that your drill operators are well trained on how to use the equipment.

2.      Troubleshoot Your Equipment

You should be very careful when checking for sudden surges in mud pressure, loss of cuttings or hot readings on your beacons. You should be able to make out if something is wrong with the equipment by looking at these signs.

3.      Know the Ground Conditions

It is important to understand that no equipment can achieve optimal efficiency as long as it is being used in unfavourable circumstances. Minimal wear and tear while drilling can be ensured by choosing ideal fluids and tools.

4.      Use Proper Drilling Fluid & Genuine Accessories

Using drilling tools and accessories without adequate drilling fluids leads to quick wearing down of the drill pipe. Drilling fluids increase the longevity of drilling accessories and getting your equipment from trusted manufacturers such as Rockpecker ensures quality.

5.      Check for Wear & Clean Tools After Each Use

A lot of drilling professionals underestimate the importance of checking and cleaning their drilling equipment after each bore. Proper checks can play a significant role in keeping the damage during a drill minimal.

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