TCI Drag Bit

Customized sizes available

  • Tungsten Carbide Insert


  • Body Diameter 2-1/2" to 12-1/2"
  • Finish Weight (kgs) 5 to 35
  • Thread Connection Sizes (ins) 2.375, 2.875, 3.5, 4.5, 6.625
  • Body Material Steel
  • Blade Quantity 3No.
  • Thread Connection Type API Reg, IF, AMMT, AW-Rod, BWJ-Rod, NW-Rod

Steel Body

Steel body PDC bits are milled from steel stock and are structurally stronger and tougher. Rockpecker, as one of the most trusted steel body PDC drill bits manufacturers in the UK, protects the exposed parts of the drill bit from abrasion and erosion through hard-facing and coating.


Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI)

Rockpecker offers Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) drag bits for use in construction, geothermal, water-well & amp; mining applications. In some softer formations, TCI bits provide a more cost-effective solution than PDC or roller-cone drill bits.


TCI Bit Design

Our uni-body drag bits are manufactured using the same high-end multi-axis machines used in manufacturing our successful range of PDC bits. Hence providing a far more robust and reliable bit than conventionally produced solutions. We manufacture and stock sizes up to 26" with all standard API threads.


TCI Bit over Roller-cone Bits

For soft & medium formations step drag bits are often the best solution as they can provide faster penetration rates than roller-cone bits whilst being significantly cheaper. We are able to manufacture sizes up to 36" with all standard API threads.

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