Construction and HDD 

Our range of products includes HDD PDC drill bits, PDC bullnose, PDC hole opener, roller-cone hole opener, subs, bent subs(mag/non-mag), centralisers, stabilisers applicable in Construction and Horizontal Directional Drilling applications.

 All Rockpecker products are designed and manufactured in-house, this allows us to respond to unique client requirements and modifications in short lead times.

PDC Pilot Drill Bits

PDC drill bits are superior in many ways to the conventional roller-cone bits:

  • The formation is cut by shearing instead of crushing which is much more predictable and reliable.

  • No moving parts mean there are no bearing or seals that could wear out during the drilling process.

  • Most wear is to the PDC cutters leaving the body mostly unharmed after drilling. Hence once all the cutters are worn, the drill bit can be repaired by Rockpecker, ensuring all quality parameters are met.

  • Unlike roller cone bits, the cutters are mechanically and chemically bonded to the bit body eliminating the issue of losing cones/cutters whilst drilling.

  • Gauge protection ensures outer-diameter of the bore is maintained.

  • Strategically placed Nozzle/Holes ensure cuttings are flushed out quickly.

  • Significantly higher junk flow area allows for more volume of cuttings to flow through hence the ROP can be increased substantially.

Other Pilot Bits

Rockpecker offers Tungsten Carbide Insert(TCI) drag bits for use in construction, geothermal, water-well &  mining applications. In some softer formations, TCI bits provide a more cost-effective solution than PDC or roller-cone drill bits. Our uni-body drag bits are manufactured using the same high-end multi-axis machines used in manufacturing our successful range of PDC bits. Hence providing a far more robust and reliable bit than conventionally produced solutions.  We manufacture and stock sizes up to 26" with all standard API threads.

graval opt bit.png

Gravel-optimised Bit

claw bit-SMALL-tinified.png

Claw bit


Hole Openers

PDC hole openers are proven to be faster than cone-type hole openers in certain ground formations. It's design parameters can be varied to suit a large range of formations. Design options include helical blades, centralisation, gauge protection(PCD/TCI), pull or push applications, back-reaming protection etc.



VRS hole opener

VRS Hole opener with centralisation

Versitile hole opener with centralisation: This roller-cone embedded hole opener is intended for soft to very hard formations where 'crushing' the rock is superior to shearing. Our hole opener is equipped with one of its kind unibody spiral centralisation, which enables smoother drilling.


  • Manufactured from One single piece of AISH 4140 still in a fully non welded construction reducing the possibility of cracking

  • Unique “Dove Tail” insertion / Locking system allowing a large range of cutter types to be interchanged in the field, WOB on the reamer presses the cones into the body

  • They are bi directional for pull or push reaming applications

  • Some of the cutters are interchangeable with other bodies, for example the 12” and 15” tools have the same cutters as do the 18”, 20” and 24” so single cutters can be replaced or sets taken from one to another

  • The body can be 3D scanned, built up and Hard faced to as new.

  • Front and rear Tungsten carbide nozzles pointing in the direction of the drill string not at an angle

  • Tungsten inserts on the wearing edges

  • Rear cutting wings and tapered rear make the reamer easier to push out if required

  • Cutters are from Proven Tricone assemblies



Rockpecker offers rotary subs made from high quality 4140/4145 grade steel in all three combinations i.e. pin & pin, box & pin and box & box(Mag & Non-Mag available). threads are machined with high precision achieving exceptional surface finishes. Threads available include certified API & VAM threads. We stock all fast moving configurations in our stock centres around the world. For custom configurations we are able to provide industry-leading delivery times due to our strategic stock of semi-finished bodies.