VRS Hole Opener

Price On Demand for Rockpecker Patent Design

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  • VRS Diameter 10" to 42"
  • Finish Weight (kgs) 250 to 1000
  • Body Material Steel
  • VRS Leg Possible (qty) 3-10No.
  • VRS Leg Type Replaceable
  • Reamer Type Bi-directional: Push&Pull
  • Cutters Type Carbide
  • Cutters Geometry Tricone Assembly
  • Thread Connection Std. API Reg, IF, FH
  • Thread Connection Type (ins) B-B, P-B, P-P
  • Reparable Yes
  • Nozzle Geometry Front and Rare Tungsten carbide

Steel Body

The shaft is made from a single piece of AISI 4140 steel, reducing the possibility of cracking. The steel body is milled from steel stock and is structurally stronger and tougher. Protection is provided to the exposed parts of the VRS from abrasion and erosion through hard-facing and coating.


VRS with Centralizer

This roller-cone embedded hole opener is intended for soft to extremely hard formations where 'crushing' the rock is superior to shearing. VRS hole opener is equipped with one of its kind spiral centralizations, which enables smoother drilling.


VRS Design

VRS-VERSATILE REPLACEABLE SYSTEM is a patent design of Rockpecker. Unique “Dove Tail” insertion / Locking system allowing a broad range of cutter types to be interchanged in the field, WOB on the reamer presses the cones into the body. Some of the cutters are interchangeable with other bodies, for example, the 12” and 15” tools have the same cutters as do the 18”, 20” and 24” so single cutters can be replaced, or sets taken from one to another.


VRS Structure and Assembly

The body can be 3D scanned, built up, and hard-faced to as new. Front and rear Tungsten carbide nozzles pointing in the direction of the drill string, not at an angle. Tungsten inserts on the wearing edges. Rear-cutting wings and tapered rear make the reamer easier to push out if required. Cutters are from Proven Tricone assemblies.

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